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Data Recovery

If your PC or laptop is beyond repair, or your hard drive is damaged, how do you get to your data and files? Backing up your data on a regular basis will avoid the heartache of losing precious photographs or important data but if the worst happens and your backup is not up to date (or you don't have a backup) all is not lost.

If your PC or laptop is damaged but the hard disk is OK we can copy your files onto a CD, DVD or an external hard drive*. In some cases, with PC's it may be possible to add your drive to another PC.

In the case of hard disk failure, depending on how severely the disk is damaged, we can copy the data onto a new disk, often retaining applications, settings and data.

In the worst case scenario, where a drive has been damaged so severely that it cannot be copied or read at all, it has been formatted or data deleted accidentally we can arrange data recovery from a specialist company**.

* Please note that this service does not include the purchase of any removable disks or replacement hard drives, which will be quoted seperately.

** Data recovery from our specialist recovery services will be priced seperately after an initial assessment

If your require your PC or Laptop repairing rather than just the data copying off please see our PC repair or laptop repair services initially.

How much does it cost?

We charge £55.00 including vat plus the cost of a USB keydrive or external hard drive to copy the data to if required. This fee covers our initial assessment and recovery and specialist assessment if required. This is payable whether or not any data is recovered due to the work involved in the initial assessment.

If your drive is sent for specialist assessment it will be assessed and a price given for recovery. As a guide, this can be between £200 and £700 depending on the drive fault. This is in addition to the £55.00 detailed above and is payable before the drive will be returned.

What's the assessment for?

Data recovery can be a time consuming process and even assessing the drive to see if any data can be retrieved takes our engineers time and skill. Because of this we charge a minimum assessment fee of £55.00.

We will attempt to recover your data using our in-house tools but if this proves unsuccessful we will send the drive away to our specialists for further assessment. This assessment fee is payable whether or not the specialists or ourselves can retreive data from your drive.

What next?

Bring your PC or laptop in or we can collect for a small additional fee. Click here to find out where we are and when we're open.