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Security Software

It is important that your home PC, laptop, tablet, mobile phone and wireless networks are all protected from hackers, viruses and malware.

Not only do you want to protect your data and personal information from prying eyes but you don't want your systems to be hijacked for spammers or your identity stolen.

Viruses and malware can at the least be annoying and slow your PC down and at worst can delete or enctrypt data that cannot be recovered without paying the perpetrators vast sums of money.

In addition, you want to make sure your children are protected when they are surfing the web, using the PC and as they get involved with Social media.

There are a range of hardware and software solutions available to help protect all of your devices and family members.

Anti-virus software

The first important step is to ensure all your devices are installed with suitable, up to date anti-virus software. Look for a package that protects against different avenues of attack - email, web browsing, file access. many packages these days come in bundles so for 1 subscription you can protect a range of devices. Check out Bullguard Security Suite pro which offers all round protectin with a choice of subscription lengths and the number of devices to be protected. Click the banner below to get a free trial!

Parental Control

More and more children are using the Internet and Social media, and from a younger age too. But how can you be sure that whilst innocently researching school projects or chatting to their friends, that they are not finding innapropriate content or leaving themselves vulnerable to strangers? There are a number of software packages that can help you to block certain sites or content, some free, some included with Anti-virus packages and some stand alone software.

If you fear your children are more clever than you (and lets be honest, kids always like to outsmart their parents!) then there are other solutions available which can automatically block Internet access after certain hours and block content and sites from a central location. These will also apply to other devices such as X-Box and tablets too.

Please contact us for more information.